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Thanks Gg, tips ever so helpful

You can set up night before and on the day, from 7am.  

I'm entering domestic science section to for banana loaf and lemon drizzle cake. ....😊..Phil  Vickery is judging lemon drizzle cake...👍

Brilliant a top cook - has he made a lemon drizzle cake?  is there set ingredients in the rules?

Zoomer , best of luck , just looked at Great Ecleston show , I'm sure you will enjoy it 

We will enter the village show but as you say deciding what ready before hand is difficult 


Hi all, been very busy with garden at home and plot, have entered parish garden competition and allotment association comp too, not sure how well I will do , but worth a try!

I work next door to florist warehouse so got loads of plants cheap to brighten up the garden!

Made 20 jars of jam, so much soft fruit this year, cant eat it all!!still got heaps left so wont need to buy any this summer.

new raised beds have been great, for carrots especially. Put broad beans in them too and had a good crop. Hope all is well, happy gardening!

Ginagibbs  what do you get with your allotment comp other than winning?  how much was it to enter?  great with the plants nice to add some colour and you did not have to go far

Wow 20 jars of jam that is loads, are they all stawberry?

I want to go get some more plants ran out for my baskets

Went to the plot and all of my plants still there, gave them a good watering in yesterday, today this morning helping in the Woolston garden project harvested the peas loads so all got some and also sowed some more peas where the spinach was as bolted

Allotment in afternoon so did some gardening in the rain, brambles needed cutting back as they had grown over the path to my plot, even though raining quite a bit when removed the well over grown poppy the soil was dry a small bit down so rain not done much by then needs lots to water plot well

still watering turf in the garden a bird had pulled bits up so had to put them back in

GWRS exciting I have some flowers on chick peas and even a bean pod


Hey all,    found out where to fix my strimmer by looking up places near by one said yes so took it to a garden machinery and parts shop and they got me a new yellow tube and attached the bit with the weight back on and into the petrol tank all for £2.22  so just got to get new petrol so fingers crossed it is fix     - no thanks to lidl for help with repaires took more than an month back an forth on phone and email, they in the end said to do it myself but took a long time, as that was so much easier to go get it done for me

that should get rid of the tougher weeds

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