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To be honest Gina, I just think it's been a good year here in the South East. It was the same variety Hunter that I normally grow, most years I get 3 to 4 squash per plant, this year I got 25 good sized squash from 4 plants. 

The weather early in the year was warm ,so the plants got off to a good start. Plenty of water and occasional feed with tomato fertilizer. 

Been on holiday for a couple of weeks. Going to the plot at the weekend. 

I've bought some french seeds and onion sets. Seeds are sold by weight so there tends to be more seeds in the packets.

Hello Zoomer so you have lots of seeds great way of buying them, hope you like the little zoomer pumkins

This morning we were helping out at the garden project - lots of pruning and de weeding and small bit planting came away with a great harvest apples, peas and beetroot

Been to the plot today and done some digging and a bit yesterday, noticed that one of my sweetcorn plants have been eaten and my pea seedlings have been dug and nibbled on,

Lots of digging to go end of plot - does look nice when you have a dug area

Little zoomer looks to be doing well, Gg.

Must take another pic of the large pumpkin on my plot, it's beginning to turn orange 😀

 Decided to call at the plot on the way home yesterday, took home, toms, radish, peppers chillies, beans, kale, courgettes and squash. 

Gardengirl , sounds like you have mice 🐭 

This time of year seems to be harvesting , composting , pruning & burning 


GWRS I wanted a bonfire yesterday but forgot the matches, could be mice or rats, have seen hedgehog poop around

Today about 15 min digging but was raining too much in end so gave up, did put some hedgehog food down and end of cornflakes see if they can have them in instead

I had rats in spring. They'd nested in the neighbours shed and were disturbed when he gave up the plot. 

They moved onto my plot so I put down poison and was amazed at how much they ate. You can't put it down though if you get hedgehogs.

I'm fairly good about most creatures but rats are my limit, I would leave my outline in the shed door as I disappear up the road in a cloud of dust if I ever so one up close...😎

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