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Hi, I was wondering more about L. similis var. delavayi honeysuckle as I bred a F1 from it with a wild form and one seed grew from all my efforts.

It looks like a L. similis var. delavayi but it is at present in flower and I think the flower smells great, it has yellow and white petals and strong growth.

I just like more info if this bred was bred before or if there is a similar one about???

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Papi Jo

Hi Michael,

I suppose you meant Lonicera similis var. delavayi. You can only abbreviate the genus name after you've written it in full at least once. One or more photos might help. Not sure what you want to know.

Second photo posted of this F1 hybrid, love to know if it is unique or not? Yes, Lonicera similis var. delavayi Delavay honeysuckle but F1 version that flowers now.


I think you would need to consult an expert as the differences between cultivars can be very subtle. But delavyi often has a flush of flowers in June so unsure why you are referencing that as a difference? 

Meant to add that it must be rewarding to have raised it from seed : )

It has more flowers and it grows quicker but have to wait until it parent flowers in order to compare fragrances?

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