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One of the borders of my garden is a 1.5 metre high 20 metre long cornish stone hedge. I want to plant something on top of the hedge to increase the height by another metre, to make a screen. I live in Cornwall. Can anyone recommend fast growing evergreen plants that might might be suitable.


I'd be tempted by buxus, yew, laurel or beech


I've seen a yew happily seed itself on the top of a wall, behind wells cathedral.  So perhaps possible!  A stone wall with a soil mortar and living head piece is somewhat appealing.



I have seen a lot of Buddlias growing out of the top of a wall on platform 11 Crewe station. They will one day bring it down if nothing is done.


If it's only a metre in height that you need, wouldn't it be better and more feasible to grow native herbaceous perennials on the top of the Cornish hedge as is traditional ... I know they'll not be evergreen, but even in winter the dried stems and seedheads willl provide some screening effect (which is usually more important in the summer anyway).   They'll not damage the structure of the hedge as evergreen shrubs and trees would do. 

My alternative would be bespoke willow fencing, woven in situ ... several examples of it being used to extend the height of a wall on this site 

.... different sort of budget of course ... a lot more expensive than some foxglove, red campion, red valerian seeds. 

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