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Hi, I'm looking to put in two climbing roses on a trellis this autumn. I'm looking for something very specific and wonder if it exists. I'd appreciate your thoughts on trying to find such a rose:



partial shade

large single blooms (not double)

strong fragrance

strong repeat flowering

ideally very disease resistant (I am plagued with black spot)

Thanks very much


I can't suggest anything that meets your spec.
You could have a look at the David Austin roses site.
I found this one -

Black spot returns if you don't clear up the diseased fallen leaves the previous year.
The spores hang around in the ground until spring and when the new leaves appear they become infected. If you pickup the leaves and dispose of them (don't compost them) you may get away with it.

Hopefully you'll get some more ideas from others here


Lovely. Thank you both


I have a Peter Beales rose that is red, almost full shade( dappled shade behind a fruit tree) , single blooms, slightly fragrance, never had problems with disease so far. But it doesn't repeat flower. Very attractive Hips though. 

Im not sure of the exact name. I will look it up for you tomorrow if you like? 

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great. thanks so much

I have one in my front garden and i would very much like another but I have no idea what it is, but it fits your bill perfectly! The only thing i recall about it is that it is a some kind of semi ground cover rose - but it grows up the wall where it touches it. Marvellous plant.


oooo- sounds perfect. Could you post a picture?

That's a good idea, I'll get one tomorrow if it's not raining, maybe someone can identify it.

I can't even remember the supplier, wish I could.

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