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Just bought our first family home, which needs a lot of work. It has a 20ft approx Monkey puzzle tree in the middle of the small back garden. It’s beautiful. Sadly it’s just not practical to keep it and allow our little boy to play around it. Does anyone know if its possible to sell it? I’d feel far too sad to cut it down, but as we’re planning building work it will need to be moved anyway. Any advice? Many thanks in advance.



I suppose it would be theoretically possible.

There are machines that can dig out whole trees but you would need to consider access and space etc.

The cost would probably be prohibitive as well.

You would not get back what you pay out and even then the tree may not survive.

It seems a shame but cutting it down maybe the best option I'm afraid.

Thank you kindly.

I would offer it as a free to dig up tree on gumtree/social media. Monkey Puzzle have a long tap root that stabilises them and if cut the whole tree very almost always goes brown and dies slowly. That is a reason to why they are expensive to buy as pot grown plants. Yours looks too old to successfully transplant and as such worthless.


The other option is to trim off all branches below 2m: it will look silly for a while but they eventually lose those branches with time.

Many thanks for your help.

Originating from damp S.American Araucaria forests , it doesn't really do it justice in its current situation . Terrible thing to say but maybe get rid? It will ultimately get massive .

PS Our local garden centre are selling three-foot trees @ £139-00 (!)

That would be worth several thousand if possible to move

Paul B3 says:

PS Our local garden centre are selling three-foot trees @ £139-00 (!)

That would be worth several thousand if possible to move

See original post

 The GC is selling a pot grown araucaria, not a dug up tree with a severed tap root...that tree is worth nothing and who exactly pays 'several thousand' for such a common plant? Rare plants such as the Juania australis costs in the low hundreds, a large pot grown CIDP or Trachycarpus for Tree Fern are a similar price. Using a garden centre retail price is a very unreliable and false way to think.

I am well aware of the conditions requisite for optimum growth on Araucarias !

I was quoting a hypothetical price for the size of a semi-mature tree should one like that be available .

Thankyou for your comments !

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