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Hello, I would like some advice. In the Netherlands we have the same ( almost) no frost winter as you. My scabiosa is still flowering. I’m curious, what would best, cut the flowers to ensure a good flowering in summer? Or let it just be and assume nature knows best..

hollie hock

There are annual scabiosa and perennial types. All my annual ones are long gone but I have a perennial one with some tatty flowers on it. I've left them just in case an early bee is looking for some food. I'll cut them off near to Spring time


Thank you. Mine is the perennial, Scabiosa Columbaria. I’ll follow your advice and chop them off when spring arrives.

I have also still got flowers on my Scabiosa. Some have died off so I just cut them off and the rest I have left, but come spring I will reduce the whole plant down about a third to make it bushier and put on new growth.


Thank you for your advice. It would have been a shame to cut it down now, it looks so cheery.

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