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I'm new to gardening and am worried about what II have done to the hedges...will they grow back? I have attached some pictures...I am very worried I have damaged them :(

Yes I should've got some advice first.

Sensible suggestions will be most appreciate.

A very worried person right now...!

This is what they looked like before....


 Do you know what sort of hedging plant they were?


Perhaps a close up photo of the green bits you have left will give us a clue.

First pic is left one and second is the other hedge leaves...


No don't know I'm afraid, I just got told it was an Evergreen? 


If you want to radically prune a bush, you are best to cut it almost to the ground.  As you have done it tufts will grow from the cut ends.  And very ugly it will look.

It will recover but please think twice and then again before you mutilate any more mature shrubs!

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