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Pat E

Really nice photos. Thanks 

Papi Jo


Nice photos and nice colours of those acer. Pity the autumn colours are so short-lived. Here is my contribution (Acer japonicum ‘Aconitifolium’).


Still have a bit of autumn colour.

some roses

Last or first primrose?

teasel lurking in the primroses like a roast parsnip in a Christmas dinner

confused wallflower 

doomed self-seeder

penstemons - my new favourite plant

Uneaten holly berries

well if you've got it - you've got it.  Mine's courtesy of the council's covert tree - killing programme.




Thanks A

Yes, we have it too B3, thanks to the damp winters that we have - killed our privet hedge in parts (this was 20 + years ago and we managed to kill it off then with Armatilox, but it is back now).

Lovely pictures on here, and we are so lucky to have such wonderful colours at this time of year.



Papi Jo

Love your penstemons, B3. What kind are they?

White begonia in constant bloom since July. Needs a lot of staking but well worth it. At its foot sit 2 saxifraga, in close-up below.

saxifraga fortunei 'Shiratama'

saxifraga fortunei 'Tama botan'


Still lots of autumn colour in folks' gardens.  Beautiful,

I like that pink saxifrage Papi-Jo.


Thanks PJ. I'll fish out the labels tomorrow but I'm fairly sure the dark one is raven.


Checked them out. Dark one is raven. Pink one is heavenly blue, which for some reason has gone pink. 


Love your Saxifraga fortunei, Papi Jo.  I have one whose leaves turn brilliant red in winter, but I don't know which it is, as it was a division from a friend.

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