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Some lovely photos on here already.  Nice to see such a lot of early colour.

New hellebore Rosy Glow bought a couple of weeks ago.

Think these crocus are Whitewall Purple.

Have quite a few snowdrops this year after splitting up a clump last year.

Have tidied up most of the borders ready to give them a feed of fish, blood and bone.

Have also tidied up the pond.


It's looking ready for spring, Yvie...  

I'm in the southeast but my garden is behind most of yours, maybe because it's North-facing. The cyclamen coum is about the only colour at the moment, together with a few snowdrops and winter aconites (but not many survived after planting them a year ago). 

Crocuses, daffodils, tulips and bluebells are all coming up but yet to flower. Receiving 100 chionodoxa forbesii tomorrow which should flower in March-April but I guess we won't get much this year.

Not in a garden, but I saw a gorgeous bank next to a road in the North Downs on Saturday, with crocuses, snowdrops and cyclamen coum. Sadly the picture doesn't do it justice.


That is a gorgeous hellebore, Yvie, and your garden is looking beautifully cared for. Haven't touched mine for ages, it's always raining, snowed today, again.


Lovely bank Garden noob - love it when you make unexpected discoveries like that 

Your garden is looking great Yvie Lizzie, mine has some way to go .....still not cut everything back yet, and the bfb would currently only feed the weeds  Your pond is looking wonderful, looks like its been there forever 



Thanks folks, my garden isn't very bit so it's not so daunting when it comes to tidying for spring.  Occasionally, I wish I had more border space but when it comes to early spring and autumn I'm glad I've downsized to a more manageable size.  Still have a couple of climbing roses to sort out but I won't be going out there if it stays this cold.  Hoping for a slightly warmer couple of days next week, wouldn't be so bad if the wind wasn't so cutting.

Some lovely cyclamen Garden noob.

I've been cutting the old leaves off the hellebores, can see the flowers now.

The seeds come from one plant.


Interesting how much variation in colour and "spottiness" you've got, Logan.  They are such beautiful flowers!


They are lovely Logan. I haven't cut off the old leaves yet. It's rained almost non stop this winter, even today when we were forecast sun. The garden is like a bog, normally well drained as it's on limestone. The lawn is like a sodden sponge, but at least I haven't been flooded like a lot of poor people in Dordogne.

Thanks Liriodendron and Busy Lizzy. I haven't done it for a few years and i haven't dead headed too. I started off with a purple one,all those have come from that.

Yes they are prolific self seeders & cross breeders. I am always nervous of cutting off too much foliage but it does display the flowers so much better.


Some lovely hellebores Logan. Mine are still in bud up north.

Thanks, Iain R. It doesn't hurt them and really supposed to do it.

Thanks Joyce



Love the drifts of snowdrops. Some beautiful hellebores Berghill.


Lovely Spring flowers, Berghill!

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