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Hi Everyone - Hope you are not too full up to get out into that garden, if nothing else to gather some goodies to eat. I still have a smidgeon of thyme/mint and marjoram tucked in a corner of one raised bed, so shall make tasty omelette for lunch with a spinach salad with the last of the spinach leaves that remain edible. Could I cut off Celery tops and not pull roots up -would they resprout like lettuce?

Between now and 30th December Lunar Calender has calmed down, so we can really stay warm indoors and on 26/27/28th Dec - Leaf Days so plant up some chick peas/soya or lentils for tasty salad sprouts on the kitchen windowsill. On 29th Fruit Day -If mild enough sow some more Broad Beans & Round Peas.

Picked up my 2018 Lunar Weather Calender this morning. Lots of really interesting scientifically backed info in update pages. -Lots of new info also re different aspects of Lunar Gardening. Met a really nice biodynamic gardener at Xmas Market on Xmas Eve, Her baby pumpkins were stunning with our Pheasant yesterday. She has asked me round in the New Year to see her Nursery. Shall we do more with Biodynamics on this Thread next year? -It certainly seems to work well in conjunction with existing Lunar Calender. I have joined local Bio Gardening Association, so hope to learn alot more.

Cats send best wishes to all - Very miffed no rodents to catch at the moment -Looking forward to warmer weather like their owners!! _Note some of us did get snow yesterday even as far south as Cardiff I hear, so Lunar Weather Calender right!

Last day with relatives in Swindon and it snowed overnight not to Heavy , looks nice and clean 

Gosh I love snow -None here -Just wet but warmer.

Happy New Year to all and Happy Gardening 2018!

Look out for Lunar Calender early next week when we herald another year of gardening by the Moon!

Happy new year 🥂

Hi Everyone and welcome to 2018!

Well its wooshed in with a vengeance , no power all day yesterday, winds and tides crashing over Jersey and thundering across to us in a normally sunny Normandy. Bog garden a quite respectable pond now! -Whe  they say live in a new garden for a year then think about changing it, they aren't far wrong, I shall have to definately reconsider planting in this area, or even digging down and turning it into a real pond. At least that will save O/H a little more mowing as this is a fair chunk of lawn currently underwater. -I do hope that none of you have suffered too badly, but I do have to say that with all my Biodynamic and lunar calenders and guides for 2018 spread in front of me, it certainly makes sense that the Full Moon in co-ordination with an exceptionally high tide and in front of Cancer the water sign and Gemini the Air sign certainly makes this surge of wind and water make sense.

This year I want to examine these sort of features in more depth because there is now more and more scientific back up to 'old wives tales'  -I also want to examine Companion planting more closely, but we do need more input from the 100,000 odd views that we have had on this Thread to date -There must be Bio and Biodynamic gardeners out there who dip in and out of this site -Please give us your views and experiences -they mean alot to the rest of us.

Anyway, the Weather predictions for January promise colder weather and possible snow particularly between the 5-7th 12th-21st and 29-31st with icy winds 12-15th. The 22-27th is milder with variable weather but an abrupt return to Winter weather from 29th. It would seem that we are entering a cycle of colder Winters and with the exception of a hot May again, cooler periods than usual for the 1st six months of the year with a stormy July, a warm Autumn then reverting to cold and wet. Jean Marais who is a leading light in France specialises in Weather predictions based on planetary alignments - tidal flow and constellations -He foresees excessive weather patterns on the globe with volcanic eruptions caused by excessive seismic movements. -It is now well known that the earth's crust rises up several centimetres during Spring Tides, and this leads to many climatic catastrophes. -It goes without saying that weather effects our mood as indeed it effects birds and livestock. It is this side of the Lunar Calender that I would like to look at more this year. So if you are happy -Let's jump into another year with a biodynamic approach. Let's look at permaculture, purins, decoctions and other brews for the garden. Let's try some experimental planting (some with the Moon some without) -and above all let's compare notes. I shall be joining a Biodynamic Potager Group, which whilst a 'little off the wall' ties in well with this Thread.

This week there is not alot to do in the garden apart from continuing to protect tender veg, go through old stocks of seeds and plan the garden for the coming season. Next week is more interesting so I shall start the Calender then. A date for the Diary - 31st January Eclipse of the Moon.

Remember all suggestions welcome, and what can I plant in a rising and falling pond!!?

Happy Gardening!


Hello , I hope the flooded lawn isn’t causing to much of a problem 

Great believer in Companion planting , However , it is not just what goes well together but also what not to plant together - hope that makes sense 

Pleased to say the the wet weather has been replaced with a cold spell , so lots of frosts , Hoping to go to allotment tomorrow 

I trust you are keeping well


No gardening for me at the mo.  I have to spend the next two weeks sewing for Possum as she needs "proper" clothes for an internship.     The weather has not been conducive either tho we have now had enough rain to soften up the soil in beds where I want to plant bulbs, remove weeds, add perennials and some shrubs.  Hurricane Carmen has caused some minor structural damage to our garage roof, barn wall and annex roofs but our newly cleared pond is half full.

I have, however, got all my seeds sorted into groups - roots, flowers, foliage, fruit - and listed on a spreadsheet so when I do get going I am half organised.

Agree with GWRS - it's important to separate some plants.   This site has a useful list - 

Oberlix , I have saved that site you mentioned to read later 

Hi Everyone

What a great site Obelixx, certainly one to keep an eye on and refer to -Also glad you have seen some rain at last!-You are welcome to more of mine! - At least I now know which areas NOT to cultivate now. When we came in April we had a major heatwave so I equally know where sun and shade and EXTRA dry areas are -So planning ahead as this is a really quiet time. No major changes in the Lunar Calender for the next week although you can get ahead and sow Spring Onions 12-14th January as Leaf Days, and concentrate on removing damaged branches from Fruit trees15-18th as Fruit Days and brushing moss off trunks. New Calender starts on 19th. In the meantime it is recommended that we generally tidy up, clean pots and seed trays and order seeds plus make plans. Just heard Weatherman say Cold winds plus possible snow early next week. Ties in neatly with Lunar Weather Prediction . O/H and I are doing some major taste testing on Potimarrons/Courges and Potirons (We just say Pumpkins in the Uk) -I want to grow small tasty ones suitable for 2 people and Jack o Lantern plus Uchiki Kuri and Sweet Dumpling Patidou are strong contenders. Any other recommendations? -Pumpkins come under Fruit in the Lunar Cycle as do Tomatoes. Leeks come under Leaf and Root as do Beetroot.

Just read an interesting article on High and Low Tides.

At High Tide it is a good time to sow seeds on a descending Moon and to harvest crops on a waning Moon  (decroissant), It is also a good time to turn the Compost heap and heavy soil.

At Low Tide it is a good time to sow seeds on a rising Moon in order to concentrate energy. Also it is a good time to Prick out seedlings, to work on light soil, spread manure, cut wood and Havest crops on a waxing Moon (Croissant).

For those of you who live by the sea or have access to this tidal info, it would be interesting this year to note any differences using this method.

So Happy Gardening!


Uchiki Kuri - excellent.  Sweet dumplings disappointing but that was in Belgium so may be better in a decent summer period.

Still sewing here but planning a day off to garden at the weekend.  Have to stay clean tomorrow as our farmer neighbours have invited us for apéro.

I will see what I can fin out about local tides once I get into sowing mode as the Atlantic is just 20kms away to the south and the west and most of our weather comes form there.

hollie hock

Happy belated new year to you Biofreak. I came across this site, which I thought interesting. You can put in your location and it tells you all sorts of  things about day length, etc

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Obelixx - For you and any other French readers this is a good site covers Lunar/Bio/permaculture/Fairs/Methods/Weather in your area -In fact everything -You can add a translation tool, but I don't bother as very easy to follow with photos videos and charts.

Rushed out yesterday afternoon to take advantage of dry and sunny period, chopped back undergrowth under shrubbery and found some snowdrops!!! And in flower! Such a joyful sight.Primroses already out here, always are in January.

Checking out your recommended site this afternoon Hollyhock -Thanks for info -keep it coming!

Got all my prunings now done at the allotment , huge pile ready to burn 

Bought 1st & 2nd potatoes 🥔 now  chitting 

Light snow showers due this week 

Finished pruning shrubbery base at last!!! So much Dogwood had self rooted over the years, managed to make myself a further 15ft width of Potager for next seasons brassicas. Could not resist popping 12 sprouting garlic cloves in sandy Raised Bed and sowed some peas, covering them well with fleece. Beautiful Spring like warm day yesterday and had cup of tea in the garden -Back to wind and rain today. Potatoes not for sale here yet. Bought Tri monthly Bio Magazine this morning -That's me sorted for the afternoon!

Burnt my huge pile of Prunings , no more gardening for a few days as I need to finish indoor painting 

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