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I was planning to potter outside but the wind is just too biting.   OH has taken the dogs for a bracing run on the beach while I figure out how to do Sashiko style embroidery by machine - easy geometric shapes but needs thick thread and some backing.

I have a leg of lamb slow cooking in the oven after spending a day bathed in a rub made from cinnamon, cumin and sumac all mashed up with some garlic cloves, anchovies and olive oil.  It's on a bed of pink Roscoff onions and fruit juice.  Supposed to be pomegranate but we haven't any so it's got a mix of pomegranate molasses with apple, blood orange and blackcurrant juice.  We'll see.  Total experiment.

AuntyRach we've been trying to decide what to eat all day! Didn't fancy anything in particular so wandered round the shop and I've come back with the ingredients for homemade cheeseburgers and apple crumble and icecream  does that help?


We've been out topping up feeders and the bird baths etc ... I picked a few hellebores for drawings in the coming week and OH sat on the bench in the sunny corner and said it was really quite warm there

Supper today?  Well, there's a bit bacon hock simmering with leeks and carrots and I'll make mashed potatoes and parsley sauce to go with that ... there'll be lots of bacon for the next few days ... I'm making extra mashed potato so expect a bubble and squeak will feature at some stage, and of course lots of the tasty cooking liquor to make a soup ... possibly lentil or split pea ........ that'll help keep the cold out 

Sounds fruity, Obs . Spaghetti and meatballs here tonight, Aunty R

I've been out in the garden but only to do some emergency protection work - I've fleeced a couple of the more vulnerable plants, put a bell cloche over one or two others, brought the tenderest ones into an unheated room in the house. Our forecast currently says very cold this week but warming up as the rain-bearing front comes up at the weekend. The risk seems to be that it doesn't warm up and we get snow instead. It's arriving from your direction Obs - not sure what it is likely to bring you.

Warming up with a cup of chai tea now, nice and spicy 

Hope everyone is having a lovely relaxing Sunday 


RG - I'm down on the Atlantic coast in western France.   Our winds are currently north easterlies and it's sunny but perishing and later in the week they'll swing more easterly and bring snow!!!   Twice in one year when there's been none for 10 or more.

We started having Sunday roast a few years ago when Possum went all Capricorn on us and insisted on "traditions".  Still do it when she's not here.  That may have to change once the weather warms up and we can eat outside in the evenings as well as at midday.



Gosh, haven't you had snow for 10 years Obelixx? We have, 2013, and another year I forget, and we are further south than you, but maybe it's because we are 3 hours from the sea.

We have the wind today though. I've been pruning the grape on the south wall of the house and it was quite warm, but the wind kept trying to blow it out of the wheelbarrow on the way to the heap. Will have to finish clearing up tomorrow. Think it's the first day I've been able to work in the garden here this winter, it's been so wet.

It's OH's birthday today, doing Steak Diane tonight because he likes it. One plant of purple sprouting broccoli in the garden is shooting so we'll have some of that and some other veg. His present is in the cottage though because it's part of his keyboard.

Obelixx says:

RG - I'm down on the Atlantic coast in western France.   Our winds are currently north easterlies and it's sunny but perishing and later in the week they'll swing more easterly and bring snow!!!   Twice in one year when there's been none for 10 or more.

See original post

I was looking at the weather for the end of next week - the winds start swinging around south easterly and a front runs up at us from France - coming across your way, I think Obs, although the boundary between rain and snow is not well defined, so you could get either. And then also maybe rain or maybe snow as it gets to us. Still - far enough ahead for it to change yet 

Fire Lily

12986 cross stitches made, just 43183 stitches to go. Hopefully done by christmas, as it is a christmas tree rug. I even dream at nights that I am embroidering.

If you hear about a crazy swedish lady that hung herself using embroidery thread, that will probably be me. 


You've counted them???!!!  

Or are you working strictly across the rows rather than by the design?

Many Happy Returns to Mr BL 


Afternoon all. 

Just one hour overtime today. It was nice to come home on a Sunday with the sun still shining. Summer is coming.

Max to day of 5.5C

I've suggested to Hubby that we take the boat over to the islands on the lake tomorrow and cut back the self seeded goat willow which are just way too big.  The geese have arrived but I think they're just " doin' a recki" so we need to get them done before nesting starts. Strangely, he didn't seem too enthusiastic.

Re the weather I think we will definitely get this cold snap here. We went for  a walk up at the local farm & we saw the biggest flock of Fieldfares I have ever seen there. They always come over when the weather on the near continent is bad.

Fire Lily

Sorry, wrong edge:

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