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pinches, punches and white rabbits to all ... here we are again, ready for a month of pancakes, Chinese meals, Valentine's cards, snowdrops and daffodils ... what's not to love about February 

Ah there you are Dove, thought I saw you a moment ago then I turned around............

good morning everyone. Happy February. Thrilled to have got January over with, now we can look forward to all that Dove suggests but to me the best bit will be the extra light. 

Also we are going on holiday........😄

Lg glad you feeling better, it’s been a nasty bug, enjoy the concert and bask in pride

Paris photos look amazing, I didn’t know about the flooding.

Looking very cold again, snow from yesterday still lying

have a good day


Ooooh a holiday Lily P!  somewhere lovely? 

This week we have to pay for our holiday in Cornwall in May ...  it won't be long now ... by then I'll have some little plants on the go so I'm going to take them to Wonky for her to look after 

Morning all! Afternoon Pat,

Able to join you all as my hands have been signed off for a break from physical labor! Sorry you've not been well LG, hope your on the mend now!

Welcome home Hosta! Sounds like a fantastic plant shopping spree!

Welcome back Obelixx, sounds like a lovely trip, time to put your feet up for a rest now!

Joyce, glad the dentist was kind! Hope you and Lilyp don't get too much harsh weather! Keep warm you two!

Dove, your birthday sounded like a lovely day! Glad you enjoyed it!

Pdoc, hope your weather is a bit more sunny today!

In case Fairy is looking in, hope your well Fairy and looking forward to catching up with you soon x

Hope everyone has a lovely day!  x


Good morning Wonky ... I was just talking about you and you appeared 


Good morning all , nice sunny cold day to start the month , snow drops already out in garden 


Morning all. 

Looks like a nice day outside. I need to go and have a proper look at the tunnel and figure out how to repair the damage. I also need to cut some more firewood. I'm flippin' freezin'.

A whole month's worth of laundry to get through  but I think Hubby is going to deal with it so I can get on with polytunnel / log duties.

Joyce, the irises will end up down at the lake but I think I'll split them and put them in " the allotment" to let them bulk up a bit first. Some might go by the little pond outside the back door. 

Dove, do you need your usual suite en route to/ from Cornwall? Please say yes!!

Wonky, go easy with the hands.

Morning Dove, morning all!

Morning Lilyp, chilly here too! Maybe a day to stay indoors!

Dove today is Friday for us today as hubby has booked what he calls a 'cheeky weekender' from work, Friday and Monday off, its his birthday Sunday  I'm having a gentle housework day so nothing needs to be done over the weekend. Way too cold to be outside!

Hello Hosta! Hope the pollytunnel is fixable! I can't imagine Dove NOT wanting her usual stop off can you? 

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Yes please Hosta 

Wonky ... card and present in the post 

Told ya Hosta! 

Dove! Aren't you organised!!!!  he hasn't told me what he wants yet so I don't stand a chance! 

GWRS, love snowdrops! My first came our for Doves birthday last Sunday  we have woods full of them at work, it looks glorious!

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By the way Wonky ... I think you'll be able to discern that the card was chosen by OH 

Well I'm sure it will be suitable, they are very alike those two! 

WonkyWomble says:

Told ya Hosta! 

Dove! Aren't you organised!!!!  he hasn't told me what he wants yet so I don't stand a chance! 

See original post

 Then he'll just have to be happy with whatever he's given won't he 

I'm at a total loss as to what to get him, he's going to have to come up with some suggestions! 


What to give the man who has everything eh?!!!   

Well, he has you ...

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Morning all.

People are sounding cheerful this morning.

I wonder where Lily P is going on holiday, warm like Hosta or cold like Fidget?

I stayed at son 1's yesterday until the evening. OH went to choir practice. Had cuddles with baby, but he's had a tummy bug and this morning mine's not too good. Also 2 year old was starting a cold and being grumpy and runny nosed. 3yr old was sweet and cuddly.

Have you stopped work there now, Wonky, or are you off sick? Such bad luck with your hands.


I was wondering what has happened to Chicky, no posts for a bit. Missed her. But now I've heard from her, she's OK, just having a break from the forum. There are several people I liked here who've gone, some left, some joined the Rezzers thread instead. I suppose that's just what happens with forums.


I think that most winters when there's not so much gardening chat there are a few who take some 'time out' from the forum to do other stuff. 

Apparently most houses need a bit of light dusting at least once a year 

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Funny you should say that Dove, its exactly what the card I got him says! 

Hello BusyL, hope your tummy settles! Its always a risk cuddling tots with grots and snots! 

I've been signed off for a fortnight with the Dr wanting to see me before I go back. Its a good rest but I only get five days sick pay a year so a bit troubling!  I've been referred to a rheumatoid specialist but appointments can take a while. Dr believes its the work unfortunately, so we shall see!

Yes, good point, Chicky hasn't been around and where's Clari?


Clari was around the other day ... her OH has hurt his back