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Pinch, punch

 but most of all, 

Have a great 2018 everyone.


Happy New Year peeps 

Hope 2018 is healthy and happy for all

Just been watching the London fireworks 🎇.....quite a show 

LG the L

Happy New Year all!

Wishing you health and happiness and greenery galore.

I made it to midnight! And now off to bed .

Pat E

Happy New Year everyone.

Happy new year to all and hope for a healthy one

Leta all look forward to spring 2018 when our garden start to show live and promise 



Happy New Year one and all. 

I didn't make it to midnight. Sound asleep by 11.30. Now wide awake. Hopefully a cuppa will get my back off.

No sleep tonight as we leave at 10.30 to head to Gatwick.

Pat E

Looks like a long night ahead for you two Hosta. 

Have you heard how your friends wife got on with the baby problems. No doubt you’ll catch up when you get there.


Pat, I'll catch up with him when we arrive tomorrow afternoon. I'm not looking forward to it as I fear for the worst.

Dordogne Damsel

Happy New Year to All! 

Sorry to be an absent friend for so long, just really busy but all is well in my Chateau de Gateaux world. I promise to find time to pop in more often, especially as the garden makeover will be beginning soon - lots of advice and tips sought. 

I hope you are all well dear friends. xxxx

Kitty 2

Happy new year Forkers 😊

All the best for 2018 👍

Papi Jo

Wishing you all a complete 2018.

A Guid New Year to all!

its started bright and dry here which is unusual, are we doing the New Years Day  flower count?


Yes LP.  There's a new thread started already.  We have winds gusting up to 90mph so I shall stay tucked up indoors and assume any flower brave enough to show its face will have been blasted to smithers - or still be there tomorrow.

Good morning everyone.   Hope the year has started well.   It's very noisy here - gales outside and occasional lashings of rain against windows and shutter and OH has Lord of the Rings on very loud.  I'm off to sew then.

Hosta - get some sleep!  Or can you catch up on the plane?  At least you won't have jet lag when you land.


A little different to around here (E.Lincs) ; calm & cool but with cloudless skies .

As forum members are scattered far & wide , it would be interesting to keep regular postings on the local weather situations

Let's hope all our plants thrive this year as well as last .


Good Morning all and welcome 2018.

Heavy rain here so a New Year's Day walk, and even flower count, are doubtful. OH in work so may take the chance to de-Christmas the house. 

Have a good day all.


What?  No waiting till 12th night?   OH won't let me touch ours before then and he has no golf planned before the 9th so I can't sneak in while he's not looking..


Morning again. 

I'm just off the phone to the AA.  My poor wee van appears to have no clutch. 

"with you withing an hour" I've been told. Fingers crossed. 

Obs, unfortunately I virtually never sleep on a plane, no matter how tired I am. Added to that, OH fast asleep beside me for hours on end, flying isn't a fave of mine.

Very breezy here but , for now, dry with sunny intervals. 

Nowt much to do today except pack.

Might even try for a siesta later.


Happy new Year to all.

Dry and sunny here.

Have a lovely holiday Hosta.

Itching to complete the garden tidy up before the bulbs put on more growth. Maybe next week when it's forecast to be dry.

Paul B3 says:

As forum members are scattered far & wide , it would be interesting to keep regular postings on the local weather situations

See original post

 Paul. There is a thread about the weather in different areas. I think it's called What's you weather like (2)