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The potting shed

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

A friendly place of frolics and conversation where everyone is welcome to join in to chat and procrastinate to their heart's content.

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Pat E

Yippee! We’ve got rain.


Morning all. 

Hosta Hugs for LP. 

Pat says" Yippee! We’ve got rain."  That's a level of enthusiasm rarely seen for rain in these parts. 

Pat E

It’s just so rare Hosta. I couldn’t resist. 

Lilyp, best wishes for the procedure.


Just wait until we get some rain Hosta!!    Good luck LP.  Hope it goes well.

Carpenter chappies are her constructing the shell.  They're going to put in a cat flap for me.  Kitties currently using the bathroom window accessed via the annex roof but I don't want to leave it open all winter as it faces west and the prevailing winds.

Off to SM for a serious shop now and then gardening.    Have a good morning everyone with hugs as needed.


" That's nearly an armful " 

Thanks for all the good wishes.

You know you are 27, when the doctor who comes to talk to you looks about 15. Asked me whether I had beenbitten by any wild animals whilst in Botswana!



Morning all.....G'day Pat .....great to see you have rain

Back from a whistle stop visit t'North ....saw the orange skies , was used to them in Saudi.....

Took MIL from hospital yesterday after what appears to be successful eye surgery and will now bring her back to the dacha for some recuperation.

Managed to have a read back much going on .....

PD hope all goes well for you , stay strong .....

Lily , good luck with the surgery this afternoon.....

Hope all is well with those who suffered damage form the stormy weather .....

Clari....missed your "playing with the flame thrower" post ?....

Ob.....go easy on the gnomes .....

Hosta.....nothing wrong with afternoon naps ...wish I could have them....

Liri, loved the 'eye of Ophelia' pic ....sounds like a line from Hamlet .....

Dove.....missing some of your foodie pics 


Pdoc ((hugs))  glad your doctor is thinking 'outside the box; ... did you see my post about MERSC ?

Dacha   glad MIL's op seems good ... how's your toe?


Punkdoc. It's not just doctors, look at policemen too and teachers!!

They all look like they should have notes from their mums to be out alone.

Seriously though. I'm glad you've seen the Doc. 

Dacha, don't ge me wrong. the nap was wonderful but not being able to sleep until 2am wasn't so good.

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Morning all.  

Very best wishes to LilyP for the "procedure".  Soon be over...

I know what you mean about the age of doctors, Punkdoc.  The same appears to be true of pilots, or at least of the Ryanair one flying me back from Dublin.

Clari, hope you get somewhere with your grandparent situation.  Not easy, but I admire the way you're handling it.  

Aren't there some lovely people around?  I got a Facebook message yesterday evening from someone I didn't know, asking if I'd lost a Kindle.  I have - it fell out of my rucksack as I was rushing to catch the train at Manchester airport.  He'd found my first name from the settings on the Kindle and somehow found me on Facebook (not sure until I meet him to collect it, whether he sent out loads of messages to loads of women with my name, at random, until he got a response with the right description of when/where/what had been lost).  Anyway, I'm making an unscheduled trip back to the airport today to collect it.  The Kindle is old and battered but there's loads of stuff on it which I don't want to lose - and I'm also part way through a John le Carre book, so I can now find out what happened.    He says he doesn't want me to get him anything to say thanks.  I'd really like to, though - what do you think?


Yes, I did thanks Dove.

You have an amazing memory.

My case seems to be attracting considerable curiosity, for which I am very grateful. 

Always loved the NHS, never more so than now.


Glad you feel they're doing their absolute best for you Pdoc ((hugs))

As for the age of doctors and policeman ... I remember accompanying our new senior social worker to visit a parent who absolutely refused to believe that she was old enough to drive, let alone that she was a qualified and experienced social worker ... she was 27 ... really. 

Liri ... there are some very good people in the world   ... does he have a favourite charity you could make a donation to?  


That's a good idea, Dove.  I'll ask him when I see him.  Thanks!  


Cheers Dove toe is fat and blue ....will lose the nail soon .....but all is well 

Liri ....interesting about your Kindle...I was going to say , not to worry if you had lost it as all your eBooks would be in the cloud at Amazon ......however a lot of people have a lot of other stuff , personal , bootleg books ...present company excepted of course  .....your eBooks you paid for are not owned by you .....all down to DRM (Digital Rights Management )......this is why we only get a few seconds of the songs on DID podcasts. There is a way to back up all your kindle files to your PC as well.....when you get it back!

Re the thank you token for the good egg who found your Kindle.....I always find that some home made items work well.....muffins, cake etc.....I always have a few sweet chili sauces or chutneys to give as small gifts 

chicky says:

love the fairies LilyP ❤️❤️❤️

See original post

 Well of course you do chicky.....  

Glad you survived the rough stuff Liri, and how nice that there are still some kind souls in the world who aren't looking for rewards, but are content to just do a good deed. 

Dacha - fat blue toe -  I had one of those many years ago   Glad your MIL is ok.

I wonder if LP is already away ....sending love anyway, and a little fairy dust...  

In fact - fairy dust for anyone who needs it  

'nearly an armful' doc. Good to 'see you' smile 

Good progress Obelixx. You'll be glad when it's done though! The stones will make lovely edging. I managed to find enough in and around this garden for all my border edging along the boundary. That's what I've been mortaring in recently. 

Better get back to work. Can't sit about all day like you lot.....I'm running for cover now....




Bought new phones and 2 surge protectors.

Another man is coming for an estimate for after flood decorating and someone is coming to inspect the septic tank, which is now obligatory every 4 years or so in France.

Did anyone see "The Apprentice"? One team was trying to sell robots for the over 60s to remind them to take their medicaments and to keep them company when they are lonely etc. Alan Sugar wasn't impressed. Nor were the shops they tried to sell them to. Is that what the young think of us?

Busy-Lizzie says:

... Is that what the young think of us?

See original post

 Yes, we saw it ... not sure if any of that lot are capable of thought BL ......never seen such a bunch of inadequate self obsessed no-hopers. 

I wouldn't employ any of them to clean windows, let alone anything else. 

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Dove says 

"......never seen such a bunch of inadequate self obsessed no-hopers. "

Well, not since the last series? and the one before that? and the one before that?.......

To be fair, I can't imagine why anyone would want to work with Alan Sugar. Loathsome little man.

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Of course, the calibre of contestants is dictated by AS's need to appear superior in comparison  


A robot to keep me company?  No thanks, I'd rather talk to myself, the birds and

() the plants.