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The potting shed

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

A friendly place of frolics and conversation where everyone is welcome to join in to chat and procrastinate to their heart's content.

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Sophie for me 🍰🎂🍭🍩🍪

All settled for GBBO. Mary wouldn't have made a twitter leak (doubt she knows what twitter is!).

Clari - that's a poor show from Boots 😉


Ive a feeling it might be Kate ... But I think she should've left instead of Liam. Let's face it ... None of the finalists is a patch on Nadia 


Loved that series


My favourite from the beginning won  I wish I could taste some of their food


Pat E

I hope you all realise that the series you’re talking about hasn’t arrived here yet. We’re currently watching the BBO celebrities series.  Haven’t had any GW for months. Haven’t even seen Nell yet. (Sorry Hosta).

Chicky, I meant to respond to you about the time changes affecting you, as well. Yes it must be irritating. Please don’t hesitate to contact me (on here initially) if you want to talk about your coming visit. You’re both welcome to visit here if you’re over this way.

must go– shopping  in town this morning.


Please don't mention who won GBBO.  Shan't catch up till Saturday!   Very pleased with last week's exit tho.  Irritating personage!

Feet have been thoroughly walked off today.  Bilbao is built on narrow, bendy river banks between hills and is full of interesting, people scale, architecture from townhouses to apartment blocks  from 4 to 8 storeys high and just a few skyscrapers and, of course, the Guggenheim which we have now seen in daylight and at sunset.  Might even go in on Thursday but I'm an art Philistine and know they don't have Vermeers and their ilk and modern art just skates right over my head.

Have felt very big all day.  Very few locals taller than me, including men, and, having seen the tapas and general menus, i have to wonder how Spanish women stay petite in build as well as stature.  Having researched Spanish cuisine before coming and also cooked it for years (Floyd on Spain and Rick Stein inspired plus regional dishes) am amazed at how heavy and stodgy the tapas are here.   Desperately seeking veggies tomorrow and have bought apples just in case.  

Sleepy now.  Sweet dreams everyone.   Hugs to those who need them.


Obelixx,Hope your feet get well rested ready for more walking tomorrow.


Driving tomorrow Joyce.  Guernica for me then the coast for a fishing village and some place where they filmed bits for Game of Thrones - Possum stuff.


Obelixx, there is something in my memory relating to a tree and Guernica.  It would be interesting if you find out that I'm not mistaken.


Sweet dreams all 

See you in the morning ... First one up start Novembers Hello Forkers 

Pat E

Memories- we’ve still got Floyd’s Spanish cook book on the shelf.

hope you’re enjoying Bilbao, Obelixx. It sounds very exotic to me. 

Very cold here today and apparently snow on the Victorian alps. Not sure about ours. But coats on for todays shopping. Strange weather again. 


Morning all g'day Pat .Well another GBBO is over .......the best  baker won on the night glad I'm not a twitter user .....will Pru , I was never paid so much to eat cake, get a red card for her faux pas

Weather is crazy here ...rain(I know)  and no sun for the last week.....only bright spot on the horizon is my BH is back from the sanatorium tomorrow complete with leech and suction marks all over her