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I like to know what pets you have


I dont have any.

Tesco think I have a dog because of the amount of food I buy for foxes and hedgehogs.

I also buy a lot of bird food including duck food.

Then of course there are the squirrels.

At least I don't have any vets bills.

plant pauper

Wren. Semi trained gun dog but too small to be useful apparently so I took her before her first human shot her. Ace fetcher but I haven't worked out how to make her stop. 

Bran. Great old girl definitely NOT digging in the bushes. Hasn't put a foot wrong in 15 years. Except for yesterday's jam incident and Monday's tins incident and the time she ate the piano......

This is Beatrice modelling some dandelions. My niece wanted a GP and turns out she's allergic! Wren and Bea are great buds. They play chasies! So far so good with the catchies!!!

My little monsters, they take over the house 


I'm a dog lover but unfortunately don't have any pets as my husband says they're too much of a tie. Not to worry, my eldest son has a livery yard a couple of miles from me and has 7 dogs, the latest one being Rainbow, a French bulldog named by my granddaughter and I get to walk their dogs occasionally 


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I have a dog minder. If I had children she'd be called a granny! My old girl suffers terribly with separation anxiety so I leave them up every morning and pick them up on the way home when I'm at work. The things you do for love!


A 9 month old Border Collie called Floss. Complete bundle of energy.


i have ralph my rescue staffie, he's 11 this year, here he is wrapped up in winter, he did that all by himself & below enjoying some natural yoghurt, he's partial to tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, carrot peelings & he steals my strawberries in the summer, i've had him ten years and he is just the best, he's great with my grandsons & loves everyone

then i have visitors, my birds & little harvest mice that also use the bird feeders as you can see two of them below, one on each side, the other morning the bird feeders were half full and one was actually inside stuffing his face and occasionally putting his nose out of the hole for air, i released him before he ate himself too fat to get out again.


Willow, one of my feral cats. She's a bit of a weirdo and sleeps with her arms backwards :-)


Smoky my beautiful boy.


One of my other feral cats, my lovely cuddly Bluebell. She only likes me and my husband though, bites everyone else.

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It's not weird to sleep with your arms backwards. Look at her....she's aerodynamic!  Say she needs to fast in her

That Smoky is a very handsome fellow.


Cat  Charlie lady 15 on 21 may . 3 chickens Charlotte Emily and and Anne. Yep named after the Brontes


Little Barney the Border terrier, he arrived Saturday from a 350 mile round trip. Definitely keen on tasting this years plants.. 

3 dogs (Welsh Springer and two Papillons), one cat, two chinchillas, one rabbit and 14 fish.



One of the chinchillas used to keep a mouse, but he wasn't really our pet.


Thanks for posting all those, they are all lovely:)


This is our lovely bunny called Nala.She was my daughters rabbit first but as she was too busy all the time with work etc. so my son gradually started to look after her.This is wonderful as my son is 30 and has Aspergers Syndrome and spends most of his time on his computer and does not mix with other people well.He now feeds her,cleans her cage out and generally worries about her (in a good way!).

We can't have a cat as my son is allergic to them and we can't have a dog as I have a lifelong fear of dogs,so Nala is great for us both!

plant pauper

Angels come madpenguin. Obviously sometimes they are rabbit shaped. Who new? She's lovely.

Can she sleep in those curlers??? 


Aerodynamic plant pauper haha. Smoky is half pedigree and my goodness doesn't he let you know it

our two, Talla and Leo

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