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I'm exhausted, I want me vest back - had to use it to make my flag, it was all I had on my desert island 

Night all

Oh thank gordon bennett for that!  

Although I was looking forward to having some help with the digging.............

Too hot for a vest, Lants.

You nesh, or wot?


Well I'm signing out for tonight Rezzers. Behave yourselves tonight otherwise my dander will be up again. Got to go and polish my little tank now.


MU.  Do you remember Freddy 'parrot face' Davis and the joke about the hat. 

He'd ask "where's me bucking hat ?    and someone would say 

"Over y bucking ears".   


Night, Rezzers......good, indeed, to go daft for the I'll have some brill if bizarre dreams this space......

Sleep well..... popped up!  Yep, certainly do.....

'Thentimental thongth

Thentimental melodieth......'

That was him, wasn't it?

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star gaze lily

RB, thought Poldark was rather all over the place this week. Those two young lads......well not sure about them. Can't see what the fuss is about with those two either lol. Hope it gets back to a good story line next week 

Phewww Lants you ok? You'll sleep well tonight with all that running around he he. 

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