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Cat Carrier has arrived! I've assembled it, now need to lure in the unsuspecting cat...


Afters everyone.  

Very cold and still today.  

Hope everyone is well and glad it went well for you Rubee.   Fingers crossed for results.   

MU.   I'm reading 'The Dark is rising'.   I love it.  Never read anything so beautiful before.   So descriptive and clever. Thanks for the recommend.     Made me laugh about your  OH's flinty eye looking out for more plastic to 'pickup' 

SUNNY.  My dogs used to growl at each other after a trip to the vets.   It's just the smell of strange animals and the vets smell.  Soon pass's.   

Very tired today after another 'tossing and turning' night.    Relaxing by twanging on my Eukele.  I can do a few plonky  plonky bits but not ready for the Albert Hall just yet.    

LANTS.  You asked me what I was going to start with, well, i thought I'd start off with one of the Planet suites by Holst.  Don't want to do anything too complicated  just yet.  .   Honestly I'm loving it.   

Good lad Chey.  A good job done.  

Enjoy your Canasta LB.  

Cant remember any more   SYL

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Afties, folks!

Sunny, glad they're home and as daft as ever!  Mister won't like the smell they've brought back from the vets, like Runners says.  So he'll be growly-hissy-spitty.  This, too, shall pass! All done now.  Hope Luco's op. is as successful.

Been making moussaka.  Takes bl@@dy hours, then there's a load of washing up to do.  Now I've got backache ( standing up for a couple of hours usually does that these days ) but it's so humungous it'll feed us for days, hence no more cooking till next week!  Result.  Worth the pain!

Runners, it's a wonderful book, isn't it?  Not fair to say it's wasted on kids, because no book is that, but it's so esily overlooked by adults.  It does have a cult following, though.  I'm really glad you're enjoying it.

I've bought a new one, 'How to Stop Time' by Matt Haig.  No idea what it'll be like.  I'll let you know.

The uke sounds mightily entertaining!  D'you need some picks?  We've got about 300 going spare....


In the waiting room now! 

He's gone very quiet 


He'll just be a wee bit nervous Chey. Just keep talking to him and make sure he can see you through the cat carrier.



Afters One and All,

Lants....I was going nowhere, it was the laptop being borrowed by OH to give a talk that was travelling.  Hazel offered to knit me an iphone to tie me over, but a knitted laptop would have been even better.

Have been into big town this morning and got half of my seed potatoes, onions sets and runner beans seeds so feel energised with the thought of getting 'out there' eventually.

Chey - is Luco having his op soon?  Sunny - how are your two little chaps now there is less of them?  No doubt they are as energetic as ever.I  

Runny - are you playing any tunes yet?


Enormous dog has just sat down next to us! That'll help 

Fedge - this is a pre op checkup so after today he'll be booked in for his op 

Dammit!  I was going to buy my parsnip seeds today and forgot!  Timely reminder, F'edge, thanks.  First thing to go in, parsnips, in February.  Everything else waits till May because it'll still be chilly till then.  But I'll need to get the spuds and onion sets and shallots soon.  We've decided not to grow courgettes this year, having decided that we don't actually like them that much!  Do you grow early spuds, or maincrop, or both?


Chey - hope your cat carrier is strong with the large dog next to you.

Bless him!  He'll be alright, Chey! 


Bulk cooking and freezing portions for complex dishes M-U, makes it worth the time and effort spent.

Sunny - glad the boys are still sprightly (the feline ones that is)

Chey - hope Luco passes his pre-op check.

Lants -  the washing never got hung out as I had an unexpected visit from an ex-colleague and travelling companion who was out on his bike and needed a warming cuppa then friend from round the corner was here this afternoon.

Runny - keep strumming  Enjoy your meal out tomorrow.

Chey, if it's a moulded plastic carrier, you can put in an old jumper or fleece or something and he'll eventually 'adopt' it as a cosy place to sleep in the flat.  Then it'll be easier to get him into it for vet-trips.

Sounds like a good day, Joyce!  The humungous moussaka never makes it to the freezer.....we just pig out on it till it's all gone 

I've just noticed that we've dolloped-away another thread, so I'll post Rez 36 now and we can fill this one up and totter over there......


See all you Rezzers over there - someone tell SGL

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Cor your previous as they say down here with your veg and seeds.  Gives us something to look forward to.   Just don't forget where you put those seeds.  Iv done that before...'now where did I put those seeds ?.  I'm trying the modular method of starting my Spring onions this year as suggested by someone on the veg thread.  Never been able to,grow them.   No, no tunes as such, well not any you'd recognise anyway.   I'm enjoying it though. I'm concentrating on the chords and tuning at the mo.   She says as though she knows what she's talking about 

JOYCE.  I will keep on until I can at least knock out a decent 'twinkle twinkle little star. 

CHEY.  I bet that big dog is even more nervous than your cat.   

MU.  Mmm bulk cooking is a pain, literally, your back goes doesn't it.   But oh when it's done, the pleasure of knowing it's just there for the taking.     Yes, it's a beautiful book MU.   I'm blown away with it, didn't think I would be. I wouldn't have looked at it had you not said.  

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Hazel --

Hi all.

Forest, just for you for when you retrieve your laptop.....will stop OH nabbing it can hide it from him lol!


Oh Hazel...that is such a funny picture - how is that person managing to see anything. 

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