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Love the sheep batting its eyelashes, LB

Sunny, I’m another one who goes for purple. I like the combination of the dark and light cushions too and I agree with Runny, love your bay window but not so keen on your little butler!

MU, your footstool, what do they do on there?! Pull bits out of each other and spit it out?

Pansy, hope Mr not so Muscly feels better soon after resting it. That’s how I did my back once as well, bending down to pick up a bit of paper. Should be a Health warning on them.


Lants - 1001 cleans a big big carpet for less than half a crown

You have been busy LB .They are lovely. My favourite is the smug rabbit ,or is it a hare .

what is he -she made of?



MU no buttons thank god so I won’t have 20 bellybuttons to pick fluff out. Just the one on my body😀

the Butler is an acquired taste. Not so sure I will ever acquire it but it was my step dads who left it to Paul as he loved it. The bay Is to the side of the house so it is quite nice as it looks out over the garden rather than facing the road. It does mean that the bay is the only place a sofa can go but I can live with that for all the light it lets in the room.

spent the afternoon deadheading the hydrangeas and using the dead heads and twigs to state a bonfire to bun some of the bay tree prunings. I have taken about a metre and a half off off the bay as it was getting very overgrown. Not the nestedt job but it does look more under control and is not hitting the side of the house anymore. I have a skip being delivered tomorrow for the fences so hopefully will have room to dispose of the rest of the garden rubbish and hopefully if it doesn’t rain in the next few days I can do all my cutting back and skip the rubbish and save myself loads of trips to the dump.

lovely spring flowers. I have a couple of daffy open but nothing else yet.



Bunny is made of little woolly balls and its face and feet are foam rubber.  The ewe is bigger than a tennis ball and tho' my bestie hung it from one of her ears at one stage, I reckon it would have beaten her to death if she had to run for a bus!

The bunny and small chick are about 2 and a half inches tall and the bigger chick is just over golf ball size.

Soz, got behind with my orders as they say!

Am posting Rez 40 NOW!

Little surprise for you over there, I think it sums us up quite well!

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