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Kitty 2



Kitty....hope you're not referring to Rez 24! 

Bet it's the other answer! 


I'll say Cross + Burn then 


You're asking for a smack, Chey.......

Kitty 2

Sorry .

 I'd get a bucket and some bleach out to clean it up,  but then the sarge would be after me.  Best leave it mucky eh? 

I would, Kitty, as long as those coming along on here afterwards don't tread in it.


Going to have blueberry ice cream


Woo hoo Chey (nobly assisted by Kitty!)

LB could do with a massage 😊

Tee hee


Signing-out and leaving you to it for tonight.  Early start tomorrow, going to Banff.  Fish and chips may be involved. 

Well-done, Chey, ably-assisted-by-Kitty 

Enjoy the ice-cream Joyce!

G'night all. 

I'd give that Tabby a Diploma!


Kitty 2

Congrats Chey 🏆 😊.

Blueberry ice cream Joyce 😋 mmm....

We've got cake but I don't think I've got room for it 😨

Hi Rebecca Sorry to say hello and goodbye but I'm signing out now. Telly and maybe a DVD later.

See you tomorrow.


Hello Rebecca. Good to see you. I think cats make good masseurs - its just the tiny needles they are armed with that make massages a bit painful.


Nighty night M-U and Lants.