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Hi Victoria , just caught up on the thread  

Shame about the drainage issues, do other allotment plots have same drainage issues ? Have you consider a bog garden / area if you cant solve it.  That clay looks awful to dig, your going to need all them bags of manure.  

My Sedum don't seem to attract as many bee's and butterfly's as I hope they would but i like the flowers anyway so wont get rid. I would high recommend a Eupatorium for Butterfly's and bee's, they have a feeding frenzy on mine, they are quite large but I am sure there a smaller one called baby Joe.

Best of luck next year  

Victoria Sponge

Hi Perki, nice to see you

The plotholder the left of mine (as viewed from the last lot of photos) says his plot floods at the bottom also but as it is covered in membrane at the moment I can't see what is happening on his plot...

It's early days, haven't been through a whole winter yet so my course of action is still to prevent flooding rather than embrace the bog... If it does fail I think I will just use the ground for spring sown crops or later potatoes if too wet in spring, rather than permanent things like fruit as it has been okay since I acquired the plot last spring. No point throwing the baby out with the bathwater👍 I have also planted a volunteer blackcurrant in the flood zone as a test

Eupatorium are nice plants, I have three including Baby Joe but that is a big plant also, recently moved to my front garden. I'm growing some white clover from seed as they are good for different bees and plan to have an annual flower patch in rotation with the veg also 

Happy Christmas & prosperous new year on the allotment 🍾

Victoria Sponge

Thanks GWRS,hope you have enjoyed the holidays 

Nipped up the lotment this AM with a boot full of soil I've excavated from the garden. I'm carving out a new beach for the garden pond and creating something I'm calling a lagoon but I think that's the wrong word. The soil is dark and heavy, with fat worms so perfect for the allotment I reckon.

Went a bit nuts this week and ordered a greenhouse in the sales I'd intended getting one, but not until I was sure I'd sorted the flooding or re-planned the plot to have the greenhouse somewhere on dry land. Anyway, it was one of those instant decisions and just because I've ordered it doesn't mean I have to put it up straight away...

I think it's called a Halls Popular and is 6x10'. Had set aside a 6x8' space on the plot but have now extended it as using the GW offer code meant I got the additional 12 square foot for free 

The canes mark up the 6' width, it will sit where the wheel barrow is at the back of the plot. Have left a space on each side for a path and waterbutts and will also be able to access the back.

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Victoria Sponge

The above just posted itself before I had finished but was just going to end by saying I now need to mix the woodchip as it settles with something more solid so that's where I'm tipping the topsoil for now.


Hello , perhaps you could put a picture of your beach at home when finished 

I have a g/h frame up at allotment I intend to finish it this year , hopefully 

Victoria Sponge

I will put on a photo of the beach when it's done and the lagoon, that is the right word after all.

Good luck with the framing 

Victoria Sponge

Took some bulbs up the allotment this morning, that I dug up while making a new path in the garden. Think they are mostly tete a tete and thought I smelt some alliums.

Did some weeding which was easy enough in the cultivated parts but have an issue with buttercups that have grown up through the layers of clay I've laid on the surface, need my big fork for that.

What do others do with weeds? I think they might re-root on my compost heap. In the garden I put them in the bin. 

Meant to prune the currants today but only had secateurs, need loppers really. One of many good things about getting a greenhouse is I will be able to keep a set of tools up there.

Replanted some of the winter onions, I wondered if the birds are pulling them out but it looked more like the soil had shrank away from them. My plot neighbours look a bit skew-whiff also from what I could see from the path.

Found my allotment notebook today and have made a list of the fruit I've got so far and started making notes of when to prune etc, don't want to get my raspberries all wrong.

Hi Victoria, Jean here, thanks for the Christmas card, we were fortunate to go on holiday before Christmas but because I ran out of time few cards got sent. 

Anyway onto gardening..I've always recycling binned killer diller weeds here at home but a friend who has an allotment like yourself has always just chucked them into a lidded black plastic bin and left them to dry out / rot down. There's really nothing to lose if it doesn't work. 

Congratulations on the purchase of your greenhouse, my lovely little cedar octagonal one is 20 years old and although not on its last legs wont last forever. I'm having to think in terms of easier gardening as me and the chief labourer aren't getting any younger. When the times comes to replace the GH I'm thinking of a larger one I can grow more hobby plants in with a summerhouse on one side..That's us gardens all over isn't it ..always optimistic.

Happy gardening in 2018. 

Hello , busy as ever , weeds , personally I put them in the Council Garden bin or burn them , got enough weeds without getting more in the  home made compost 

Just bought 10 Autumn Raspberry canes for a new bed this year 

Hoping to go to plot on Tuesday 

Victoria Sponge

Thanks for the tips, Jean and GWRS. I might try a bin as I don't really want to carry all the weeds home. I suspect they will carry on growing with the clay stuck on their roots if left out. 

Hope you had a good holiday Jean

What kind of raspberries did you get GWRS?

Hello , Rasberry s are Autumn Bliss 

Yesterday bought some 1st & 2nd Early potatoes from Wilko for chitting 

Have Been going to plot for a couple of hours a time to do pruning , hopefully finish off tomorrow 

Hope your plot is going well 

Hi Victoria, I'll be digging out some Autumn Bliss runners in the Spring, they aren't heavy croppers but taste nice. They are in heavy soil in shade so might do better in your allotment.

Your welcome to them if you want them. Hope your continuing to make progress. 

Victoria Sponge

That would be fab Jean, thank you😊

I set aside a new line for raspberries as they're my favourite soft fruit

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