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We've just added a tiny pond in a pot' in a corner of our garden. it gets around 4 hours of sun a day, it's only about 4 inces deep and 9 ins in diameter, I'd love a tiny water lily, is such a thing available? If not, what 1 plant can I add? thanks in advance


I have a tiny pond with water mint and frogbit. Probably all wrong but I like it! I have a little solar fountain in mine too, well worth the money! 

how lovely Debs, my worry actually is that it will be overshadowed by the bane of my life the fig tree.huge leaves which I spend hours chopping off, in fact i'm off now to cut it back again today...the 'pond' is in a quiet little west  facing corner, which would be really sunny if it wasn't for the inherited tree,I 'ev been threating to get rid of it for a couple of years, one day soon it's for the chop!!

ps, just googled frogbit, I love it!


Get a little solar fountain and position the battery up high in the fig tree in as much sun as you can if you want that lovely trickling water sound? I have a fig tree growing in a pot so excited to eat fresh figs think mine has a way to go though! 



Not deep enough for a water lily - not even the pygmy ones. You need a good foot (or more)  at least. 

If you're having a fountain, I would forget the water lily anyway. They need a reasonable area of calmer water to thrive. 

You'll have to make sure you're vigilant with anything falling into the water too, as that will create a lot of vegetation which will rot down and quickly silt up the bottom, making it even shallower. Net the pond in late summer/early autumn to avoid too much falling in and clogging it all up, or, as it's so tiny, just go out daily and remove the excess. 

thanks fairy, think will go for frogbit as apparently it's endangered, wasn't going for a fountain, just a tiny pond to attract frogs and more birds. we have a very small pond at the allotment ( we found it after a couple of weeks of ciutting back!) and there are frogs in it every time we go so this is a tiny bit deeper but tiny bit less in diameter, so I'm hopeful it'll do it's job and the kids will love watching it


Anything which encourages some 'visitors' is a good thing   

It's not a bad idea to just get your main thing done and a couple of plants, and then let it settle for a bit until you see what else you can, or want, to do. Remember to have other planting around for wildlife to hide and shelter in. A couple of ferns, grasses and something else evergreen like heucheras, would be a very useful addition. The evergreen carexes are particularly good as they'll often cope with wet or dry, shade or sun once established, and don't need much attention. Birds will love having a little bath   


Thank you for these ideas and tips, really helpful. Just put a small pond in a 50/50 border.

thanks Fairy, all done, surrounded by lots of plants ( though all herbaceous) and lots of stones, there appears  to already be some life in there! They look like very tiny tadpoles ( too late and no frogspawn) but it's entrancing the children!


Probably mozzies rosemummy! The water will heat up very quickly as it's a shallow container, and that's perfect for them to thrive and multiply.

not to worry - they do provide a bit of entertainment  


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