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Thanks  Doghouse, that's very interesting. I have a big birthday coming up and I need to start dropping hints! As you say, a good camera for the price.  


I am loving this page with the Robin News from you all. We two had a pet Robin last year that was a juvenile when we first got to him. A one legged fellow. He was tame ad sociable and we named him 'Hoppy'  

He did leave us but we don't think he made it through this winter as we have never seen him since. I do remain a little glass half full and dreamland like though and hope he found love!

We do have more Robins that we feed and whistle too, they sing back with the gorgeously hush hush song. Bless them all :)

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Great photos everyone here's one of our resident robin


I do a 6 mile walk every Monday and Thursday and there is usually a Robin sitting in a hedge in a lane by my allotment

I swear he looks at his watch and notes if I am late or not !!

If I am clinically insane its a lovely place to be

I am ordering a bird bath to place near my conservatory window so I can get my daily bird fix


Doghouse Riley

For what sort of site are you looking?

On the subject of bird baths, I didn't like any I saw on line and carriage costs because of the weight seemed expensive.

In the end we settled for this from Wyvale, it's not exactly what I wanted, but it'll do, I expect it will eventually "weather in." the top comes off so it isn't as difficult to move as it would be if it were made all in one piece.

The  Pyrex dishes are for "peak bathing times," for when the bird bath is "occupied" but the dunnocks prefer the dishes anyway as  does  the hedgehog for drinking.

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I hate to put a dampener on any of this but I read last year that the Robbin you feed in Summer may well not be the one you feed in winter. Most migrate not as far as other species perhaps, but ours move south & their cousins come in from the colder continent, & most only live 12-24 months at best.  So don't be fooled into thinking your pal is the same one all year yet alone from year to year.

Doesn't stop us lovin em though 

Doghouse Riley

It's the same with the succession of dunnocks and blackbirds, which have been visiting our garden for over forty years. We're never without them. In every garden video I've made on YouTube you can hear a blackbird  in the background.

Same with foxes, even urban ones don't usually live for more than a few years.

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Nice picture, avidweeder!

Birdbaths: we were looking for one to replace an ugly concrete one left to us by the previous owners, and one day saw some in the gc and thought 'not perfect, but OK.' It's a glazed stoneware one, which we soon became convinced the birds didn't like because the surface is very shiny and slippery when wet. We've had to quarter-fill it with slate chippings to get them to use it.


We had a robin singing his territorial song last week, and another answering a couple of gardens away. Yesterday our neighbour told me that another neighbour's cat had killed a robin in their garden. I know it's nature, but it's sad. 


We have at least two of them around in our garden or the surrounding gardens. They are lovely and follow me around when I am digging. 

I was sitting on the garden bench this morning listening to them and soaking up the bright sunshine.  Well I did have a thick coat on but it was lovely sunshine in Cheshire.

Such small birds making such lovely songs.

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