Growing hyacinths in a glass

How to grow hyacinths in a glass

Enjoy beautifully fragrant hyacinths in your home through winter, by growing prepared hyacinth bulbs in a glass vase. Find out how, below.

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Oct, Nov

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not specified

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Plant hyacinth bulbs in glasses during October or early November, and you should have fragrant blooms to welcome in the New Year. You can choose from a range of flower colours, and grow them in either clear or coloured glasses of various shapes and sizes.

Be sure to buy ‘prepared’ bulbs, and not the cheaper garden hyacinths. Prepared bulbs receive special temperature treatment before they go on sale, which initiates flower bud development.

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You will need

Prepared hyacinth bulbs

Hyacinth glasses


Fill each hyacinth glass with water to just below where the bulb’s base will sit, then put the bulb in place. Make sure it doesn't touch the water, but sits just above it. 

Place the glass in a cool (below 10°C), dark place for six weeks for roots to form. A fridge or shed is ideal.

Once the main green shoot is about 7-10cm tall, move the glass into full light and watch the flower gradually develop.

Buy ‘prepared’ bulbs, not the cheaper garden hyacinths. Prepared bulbs have undergone special temperature treatment to initiate flower bud development.

Turn the glass around by a half-turn every day, to prevent the plant growing towards the light and toppling over. Top up the water as necessary.


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