How to Take Clematis Cuttings

How to take clematis cuttings

Leaf-bud cuttings can be taken from any clematis. This project shows you how to do it.

Do it:

Apr, May, Jun

Takes just:

15 minutes

Leaf-bud cuttings (a form of softwood cuttings) can be taken from any clematis and are a quick and easy to way to boost your stock of your favourite clematis.

When selecting a section to take cuttings from, find a strongly-growing stem and target a leaf bud that's not too soft, and not too woody. This will likely be from the mid-section of the plant. Once the stems have rooted (usually after about four weeks) shoots will grow from the axils of the leaves at the top.

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Discover how easy it is to take clematis cuttings, below. 

You will need

  • Propagation compost
  • Horticultural grit
  • Sharp knife or secateurs


Discard the soft growing tip of the shoot, cutting just above a pair of leaves. Make the bottom cut halfway between this node and the one below.
Use propagation compost with extra grit to improve drainage. Make holes around the pot edge with a dibber and gently push the cuttings into them.
Firm the cuttings gently with the dibber. Water well, allow to drain and place in a propagator or polythene bag. Check cuttings every two to three days.


Growing on

Once your clematis cuttings have rooted, you can pot them up separately and grow them on in containers. After a year has passed, they should have established sufficiently to be planted in the ground.

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